Moriteq USA Company Information

image of industrial rubber parts like bushing, gasket, o-ring, and damper

Custom Rubber Manufacturing Dedicated to Quality and Customer Service

Moriteq USA (North America’s Branch), is a ISO9001 certified company and was founded in 1998 and now is nationally known as a leader in manufacturing custom rubber products. We are absolutely and wholeheartedly committed in innovation, producing high quality products, and providing exceptional customer service. We constantly strive to achieve the highest standards and excellence in our products as well as the way we do business. We offer extensive experience and expertise to our valued customers.


Our mission is to create sustainable value by becoming the leader in providing customized rubber products and developing best customer experience and long-term relationships.


Our vision is to be the best provider in customized rubber products.

Core Values

Our core values are customer satisfaction, integrity, superior quality and service excellence for our customers.

Parent company: Moriteq Company Ltd.
Established: 1961
Employees: 220 including 150 skilled craftsmen
Branches: USA (Chicago), Japan (Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya)
Industries served: Automotive, aviation, construction, food, Hi-Tech electronics, medical, oil and gas, etc.