• What is Moldless System (No Metal Molding technique)?
    It is the Moriteq’s unique and customized process that was designed and refined to eliminate the need of metal mold.
  • Is there any benefit using No Metal Molding technique?
    Yes. No metal molding technique reduces the cost of production drastically since there is no need to manufacture the metal mold at the beginning, particularly for low quantities.
  • How much does the Moldless system reduce production costs?
    First of all, you re-freed from the initial costs of actually producing a metal mold. This is a huge saving in itself! Cost savings vary and are dependent on the complexity of the product, required number and total surface area of the product.
  • How quickly can I get my products?
    The overall production schedule can be drastically reduced as the Moldless system does not involve production of a metal mold. We also keep proprietary production jigs and most materials in stock at each of our production facilities. So from confirmation of your order and production specification through to final delivery to your company, it should take about ten to fourteen business days.
  • What is the minimum order lot?
    We understand that our clients have very special needs. So, we accept orders for even one piece.
  • What size of lot is a metal mold best suited for?
    This depends on the type of the molded product you want us to make. If we feel that a metal mold and not a Moldless product is the better choice, we will tell you free of charge.
  • How quickly can we get a quote?
    In most cases, you should be able to get your quote the following day. Please allow more time for quotes for difficult specifications.
  • How long do you keep the drawings of a job you do for us?
    As a rule, we do not keep drawings for one (1) order under otherwise requested. we also shred them upon confirmation of final delivery to ensure that your product design and specifications remain safe. Upon request and for mass production or repeat orders, we keep the drawings for at least one year.
  • Your production sites are based in Japan. Will this slow down your response to our order and delivery?
    Not at all. With the Moldless system, production of a metal mold is no longer required. This, in itself, drastically shortens the production period. If anything, you should receive your Moldless product a good deal faster compared with if you produce it using a metal mold locally.
  • How will you deliver our products to us?
    By air in most cases. It generally takes 5 or 6 days at most for consignments to be delivered to your company after shipment from our factory. Consignments may be sent via ship depending on their weight and size.
  • Do you accept rush orders?
    Yes, we do, just let us know and we will work with you to make appropriate arrangements.
  • Who pays for delivery?
    In principle, the client does. Shipment costs are included in the quote and can be reduced depending on the size of the order.
  • What materials can be used by the Moldless system?
    A range of non-metallic materials. Once we see your drawings and production parameters, we will advise you if the Moldless system cannot handle the required materials.
  • What accuracy or tolerance can I expect from a Moldless product?
    Moriteq follows a high quality control process and inspection standards. We are very confident that such standards would meet most of the strictest requirements. Every client has their own requirements. So, tell us your target production parameters, and we will confirm that we can meet them when we give you your quote.
  • Is there any minimum order requirement?
    No, there is no specific order requirement.
  • How long does it take to receive quotes/cost evaluation from Moriteq?
    Usually, we can give you the cost breakdown within 24 hours after we receive your request/order.
  • Can Moriteq help me with my design?
    Normally, our engineers will evaluate your design and will discuss it with you if there is any issues before we proceed with the production.
  • How do I contact Moriteq?
    Do not hesitate to send us an email. This is the fastest way for us to respond to your inquiry. Also, you are welcome to call us at any time (847) 734-0970.

Please send us an email info@moritequsa.com if you have any questions or requests.