Spinning Lathe Machine Process

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Rubber Parts Production Using Spinning Lathe Machine

Rubber parts such as bellows are used in a variety of machinery or industrial equipment to protect the metal components such as automobile parts. Using the Spinning Lathe machine, our skilled craftsmen finish such rubber products precisely based on the required specifications. The Lathe machine allows our experienced technicians to shape the curvature of a work-piece and create rubber parts and products ranging from very small goods to highly precision military components.

image of a worker using spining lathe machine to process rubber parts
image of several rubber products made by spinning lathe machine

Below is an example of a simple process for producing a rubber part from materials such as Neoprene as part of the cutting and shaving process using Spinning Lathe machine.

Bullet Step 1:
We cut a proximate size from a block of rubber material.

Bullet Step 2:
We cut the corners via Lathe process, close to the desired shape.

Bullet Step 3:
Then, our skilled engineers cut and shave the final shape by hand.

Bullet Step 4:
Next, we drill the hole using our up-to-date machines.

Bullet Step 5:
Finally, the finished product goes through our quality control process before shipping to your pre-defined destination.

Bullet Step 6: Final Product
This is the final product. Our skilled craftsmen can produce any complex order.

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