What is Moldless System?

Moldless System is a specific production system that does not employ metallic molds. Using this system, it is possible to make products for which metallic molds were previously considered indispensable, as well as products that are impossible to make using metallic mold technology. In addition, Moldless system can reduce initial production costs while shortening the time required for production.

Of course, in the case of mass production, there are cases where the use of metallic molds is more efficient. However, the Moldless System is ideal for order-made products and small quantity production runs such as for prototyping, trial products and products with complex shapes that cannot be formed using a metallic mold.

Moriteq USA manufactures order-made products with complex shapes and makes them in small quantities. We can do this, thanks to the unique Moldless System, which is highly efficient and cost effective method.

Examples of Moldless Products in Industry

The Akashi Strait Bridge, which opened on the April 5, 1998 in Hyogo Prefecture, is the world’s longest suspension bridge. Overall, this structure measures 3,991 meters in length, while the interval between the two main towers that support the suspension cables is 1,991 meters. Moriteq’s products are used as buffer materials in this marvel of engineering, which connects Akashi City new Kobe with Awaji Island.

Nowadays we can’t live without automobile. Moriteq products are also in shock-absorbers, anti-vibration for road, freeway, and people’s safety. Also, ships large and small come and go across the seas. In many kinds of vessels, a number of products made using the Moldless System, beginning with packing for windows and doors are dependably carrying out their functions on a daily basis.

Moriteq USA products are extensively used in the gaming equipment that is populate with the younger generation as well as for buffer materials in huge dome-style baseball stadiums that have appeared in cities across Japan in recent years. It is no exaggeration to say that our products are playing important roles in all kinds of structure and machines.

Customers use our products as a seal to prevent wind or rain from dome-shape stadium to IT business related equipments, or game machines in arcades. Moriteq is leading company in the market because we can answer your one piece purchasing order. We manufacture packing seal, shock-absorber and anti-vibration from our various stock rubber materials. Our skilled craftsmen use their special tools, lathe, water jet, die cut to cut or shave from the rubber sheet or block materials.