Call Us Today for a Quick Quote

We welcome your calls and questions and our sales team will be happy to assist you with all of your custom rubber inquiries. We service all orders even small quantity. We will make every attempt to assist with your order or prototyping request.

If you need a pricing for a custom rubber parts to be made or have a tight deadline and have a drawing, then simply email us and we will respond very quickly. Please provide as much details as possible so we can serve you better in expediting the production and shipment processes.

  • Type of material you need
  • The required hardness
  • The thickness of materials
  • The quantity you need
  • The dimension of your product

Send your diagram or sketch with specifications to This is the FASTEST and efficient way to get a quote for your project. Our sales and engineering teams are constantly monitoring their emails. You may also call us at at (847) 734-0970 and speak to us directly.

Customer Care Information

Phone: (847) 734-0970
Fax: (847) 734-7092

image of moriteq building in Illinois

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