Rubber Parts Production Using Drilling Process

The drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit that rotates thousands of revolutions per minute primarily for cutting a hole through rubber materials such as Neoprene or Silicon or Urethane and more. We produce many parts particularly for food, medical and military industries that requires precise drilling in order to deliver required parts based on specification.

Drill machine for cutting rubber parts

Drill cutting rubber parts

Below is a simple example of drilling process by our skilled craftsmen.

Step 1
Drilling 01
We cut a portion of a block of rubber material.
Step 2
Drilling 02
After cutting a portion of the block, we cut out the precise size based on requirements.
Step 3
Drilling 03
We measure and mark the area and prepare the rubber part for drilling process.
Step 4
Drilling 04
Our skilled engineers drill the holes based on the requirements using the state of the art equipment. of course, more steps get added to the drilling process as the requirements become more complex.
Step 5
Drilling 05
We ship the product after the quality control department has examined the product thoroughly.