Water-Jet Process For Cutting Rubber Materials/Parts

Our computerized water jet cutting machine is highly complex and uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water at its nozzle. The Water-jet is a slow but very precise process, particularly for cutting and shaping rubber materials due to its narrow Kerf width which refers to the width of material that is removed by the cutting process. With the water jet process, the amount of materials removed is much less than with a typical electric or a band saw. The results are parts with exceptionally smooth and precise cutting surface.

Water jet and ploter machine

Water jet process for cutting rubber

Below is a simple example of water-jet process using a computerized equipment.

Step 1
Plotter 01
We use latest CAD system to draw our design or simply modify the design to your needs and then forward the file directly to the plotter.
Step 2
Plotter 02
We cut the size from a block or sheet of rubber material.
Step 3
Plotter 03
Then, we use plotter or water-jet to process the CAD design.
Step 4
Plotter 04
This is the final product after going through a strict quality control check.