Rubber Cutting Process

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Manufacturing Rubber Parts Using Cutting Process

The cutting process of solid block of rubber materials such as Urethane requires absolute precision and the craftsmen must be skilled to deliver precise rubber parts based on required dimensions. This technique is much useful for smaller parts while machines used for larger parts. Also, there are times that a part requires a softer rubber materials (lower durometer) in which it must be cut only through the hands of skilled craftsmen.

image of a worker using electric band saw for cutting a solid block of urethane rubber
image of several rubber products made by the NC and spinning lathe machine

Below is an example of a simple cutting process by our skilled craftsmen.

picture of custom rubber grinding process first step
Bullet  Step 1:
We start the process by cutting from a sheet or block of rubber materials.

picture of custom rubber grinding process second step
Bullet  Step 2:
We cut out the size based on your desired measurement.

picture of custom rubber grinding process third step
Bullet  Step 3:
Then, we mark the areas that needs to be grinded.

picture of custom rubber grinding process fourth step
Bullet  Step 4:
During the process, we check the dimensions constantly to produce the precise size.

picture of custom rubber grinding process last step
Bullet  Step 5:
Before, we ship the product to your predefined destination, our quality control department checks the product thoroughly.

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