Production of Custom Rubber Products

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Moriteq USA uses unique triple M process and technology to produce custom rubber products. There are certain manufacturing processes such as extrusion, injection or compression that can be utilized in producing mass quantities. Also, the production of rubber parts is costly, mainly due to the fact that such processes require metal molding.

However, when it comes to producing custom rubber parts, specific and unique methods are required to produce particular shapes and sizes. Our unique process does not require metal molding at all. Therefore, it reduces the initial cost or investment significantly. Our engineering team works with you to better understand the needs and will deliver based on your specific requirements in a very timely manner.

Rubber Product
Bullet  Lath Processed Work & Manually Processed Work
These types of products are made using a lathe process. The point to pay special attention to is the type of engineering method employed, which is a manual process ideal for manufacturing very small objects. The most noticeable characteristic of this process is that engineers can complete the products one by one with great speed and precision. With the combined power of experience, mechanical technology and human ingenuity, even complicated drawings can be handled without difficulty.

Rubber Product
Bullet  Cut Single-Body Processed Work
This product is made by hand from cutting a single piece of material. Apart from a hole bored by the drilling machine, all processes such as the formation of gentle curves are preformed manually.

Rubber Product
Bullet  NC Fleece Processed Work
Moriteq can also make comparatively large products that could conceivably be produced using metallic molds as well. This kind of processing work is carried out using a machining center.

Rubber Product
Bullet  Hydraulic Machine Processed Work
These products are made with the aid of hydraulic machines, which have been optimized for processing finely modified objects. Operated under computer control, the machines deliver high degrees of precision with almost no fluctuations even when shearing complex shapes.

Rubber Product
Bullet  Complex Processed Work
Here are some of the products made using a combination of techniques we employ. The transformation of materials into ideal products for specific applications through an optimal blend of engineering methods such as cutting, shearing and adhesion is the triumph of the Moldless System.

Rubber Product
Bullet  Mold-Formation Work (No Metallic Molds Required)
Shapes such as this product can be made as well. This product is the result of a complex process involving pouring the raw material into a mold and then carrying out Moldless processing. First, an undiluted solution is poured into an arch-shaped mold to create the lower part. Later, the work is completed manually to produce the upper part. Only Moriteq can realize this forming method. The fine cutting of the upper part reveals artistic lines that are the products of human technology.